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Examples of My Work


Not all of my work is publicly available. Some is done privately for the internal use of my clients. Some of my work must remain anonymous (that's why they call it 'ghost writing'). And some projects I'm very excited about are simply not finished yet. Below, however, is a list of publicly available work on which I was the primary contributor. It will give you a feel for the wide range of projects I work on.

Deemable Tech on WJCT Public Radio

Under the nom de radio Tom Braun I'm one of the cohosts of Deemable Tech, a call-in tech help show and podcast for the First Coast's public radio affiliate WJCT. I've written and recorded dozens of segments answering the burning tech questions of 90,000 First Coast listeners in a down-to-earth, easy-to-understand way. 


White Papers for First Coast Wealth Advisors

First Coast Wealth Advisors helps its clients meet financial goals, like retiring to a luxurious lifestyle or leaving a legacy to their families. I have anonymously authored several blog posts and two white papers for them, with more to follow.


Writer for 904 Magazine

904 Magazine, by the creators of Jacksonville Magazine, is Northeast Florida's business & executive life authority. I have recently begun writing articles for them covering tech topics under my pen name, Tom Braun. Click the link below to download a PDF of my recent article "The Life Eternal," about what happens to your online accounts after you die.


Griffin Insulated Structures Website

Griffin Insulated Structures is a family-owned freezer and cooler construction company that has seen their business expand rapidly. They needed a modern website but with content that still reflected the personal touch that they bring to each project. I interviewed the father and son owners via Skype and email to gather information for this project.


Oceana Coffee Website

I worked with Oceana Coffee, a small-batch coffee roaster that owns and operates their own coffee shops in South Florida, to help them tell their unique story online. During email and phone interviews with the company's founders, I learned all about where their passion for providing 'a comlete coffee experience' to their customers. I also did extensive research on how a coffee bean makes its journey to your hot cuppa joe so I could write about it in vivid language for their site!


Web Content for Active Medical & Chiropractic

Active Medical and Chiropractic uses integrated medicine to help patients minimize pain and recover normal functionality quickly. I work closely with ACM's lead physician, Dr. Chris Renne, to communicate his unique vision for the practice, which combines chiropractic medicine, physical therapy, massage therapy, and pain management. 



Active Health Care Website

Active Health Care is a Jacksonville clinic which provides groundbreaking sports medicine and physical therapy to top athletes. When it was time for Active Health to redesign their website, I worked closely with them to communicate to patients what set them apart from the competition.



Case Study: Lou La Vie for Perfect

Perfect is a top tier technology and design company who is one of my clients. Lou La Vie is a Miami-based performance sports car company who is one of theirs. I interviewed Lou La Vie and members of the Perfect team to create a case study for Perfect about how they helped a fast-paced company put the pedal down online.



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